Disposable Medical Supplies

SG Homecare offers an extensive variety of the highest quality Disposable Medical Supplies for our patients throughout California. Our diverse selection of Disposable Medical Supplies includes but is not limited to, Urological Supplies, including catheter systems and drainage bags; Incontinence Products such as diapers and incontinence accessories; Diabetic Supplies, including glucometers, insulin pens and diabetic testing supplies; Ostomy Care Products such as barrier systems, drainable and closed ostomy systems, and pediatric ostomy systems; Wound Care including bandages, cleansers, gloves, adhesives and more; and Enteral Nutrition including formulas and feeding pumps and supplies; and much more…

Our patients are our top priority… we are “People Helping People”, meaning we provide the best possible customer service to our patients from the moment their doctor prescribes their Disposable Medical Supply, through selecting the best product for their individual needs, and with every delivery thereafter.

Our Patient Service Technicians pride themselves in every order we process. We provide the most trustworthy brands for our patients so that we can ensure that their Disposable Medical Supplies are the best and most reliable.

Our streamlined, user-friendly re-order process enables patients to receive their reoccurring orders efficiently and without delay. Our customer-focused Patient Service Technicians combined with our innovative technology allow us to meet quick turn-around times and provide superior care.

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